15 Jan 2011

The Pitter-Patter of Love & Memories that Were and Will Be and other Rambling Rants

Posted by mercieb

It’s been 3 weeks since my last post… Sad to say I haven’t been on a mountain bike since that post was put up. My body, with the exception of my hand, has forgiven me for crashing and healed up nicely. I’m still waiting on my hand to give in and just get better, (I would love to put on my socks without wimpering).

I find it funny that everyone has a diagnosis coupled with some sort of advice. It’s as if the whole world were made up of magic doctors with x-ray vision superpowers. It usually goes something like this: “Ooooh, definitely broken,” or “You should really get an x-ray,” or my favorite, “You should put a splint on that.”

I’m sure it’s all good advice and when it’s coming from people who obviously care about you, it’s hard to be irritated but it’s a strange affliction of humans to want to fix everything. Not that I don’t want my hand fixed but I’ve been crashing and hurting myself long enough to know my hand is not broken and it’s just going to take time to let my body do it’s thing.

That happens to be the hard part. Time. I’m not good at waiting in the first place, then take riding out of the picture and I turn into a basket-case of epic proportions. Ask anyone who’s had to hang out with me over these last few weeks. It’s not been pretty.

To make things worse, I found myself in Santa Cruz last weekend for a work thing. Now a work thing might not sound too exciting except if you consider what we in the bike industry consider work… one day of meeting and 2 days of riding. The ‘worse’ part is, I wasn’t riding. I did, however, get roped into driving the shuttle.

I made the best of an unfortunate situation and while trying not to feel sorry for myself, I throughly enjoyed the down time by sitting in the sun in the Santa Cruz mountains being surrounded by incredible redwoods, majestic oak, beautiful smelling bay trees and rambling manzanita with Beach House blaring down the canyon. Having grown up in Santa Cruz, it was great to get back into those mountains. Moments like that are food for the soul even if there was no riding involved.

Sitting in the sun in the SC Mountains

While everyone else went home, I stayed an extra day to hang out with long lost friends. Catching up after more than 20 years is a surreal experience to be sure but for some miraculous reason not a lot feels different from when we were all 17. I’d forgotten how easy it is to get free drinks in Santa Cruz and ‘sharking’ unsuspecting pool players is still as fun as it was when we were teens with nothing better to do. We won a dollar off a guy who had no idea what he was getting into… I’m certain there was more money we could have taken off that guy but we’d made our point while everyone was still having fun.

Good friends, Advil, Jack & Coke... it's all good

Speaking of fun, I have a little request for those of you who travel… please don’t complain about the amazing places you get to go to. No one wants to hear it. If you have gone to Spain on vacation to climb and ride, I don’t want to know that you hated the food and it was cold. If you have the good fortune to get paid to go to South Africa, I definitely don’t want to hear how much you hated it because there was so much work to do. If you go somewhere in Europe, I don’t really care that you couldn’t figure out the train. Please just tell the world you had an amazing adventure because complaining about being some place cool just isn’t cool.

Ok, rant done. Glad to have gotten that off my chest.

And speaking of more fun… This is the new addition to the family.

The Blue Bombshell

She’s just sitting there watching me salivate while my wrist decides to heal up and I’m just sitting here, lovingly looking at her while I wait for my wrist to heal up. To keep myself from going completely insane, I’m making minor changes and tweaking stuff. It’s taking a while with an injured paw but lord knows I have the time.

Here are the specs:

Full 10 speed Shimano Dyna•Sys XTR on an Intense Tracer with Shimano 980 10×2 cranks (38×26), XTR trail brakes, XTR rotors, 988 XTR trail wheels, 985 XTR trail pedals, 980 RD & FD, PRO Atherton hb & stem, PRO XCR grips, PRO W’s Condor saddle, Crankbrothers Joplin sp, Fox Talus RLC with FIT damper and Float RP23 shock, Schwalbe 2.4 Rocket Ron tires.

Oh my god! You don’t have to tell me how lucky I am. Now if I could just ride the lovely Blue Bombshell… soon… reviews to follow. I’ll be gushing for sure. She’s already making me feel a little pitter-patter in my chest.

Yes, most of my bikes end up with a gender and a name… not always the most creative but it’s for this very reason that I have such a hard time selling off old gear to make room for new. I have relationships with these bikes. The shared adventures and sagas make for great memories and story telling. If there was no connection between body and machine, why ride at all? Just sayin’.

On a side note, do yourself a favor and check out Broken Bells. Dude from the Shins and Gnarles Barkley… Sounds like a weird combo but it’s quite good.

Hopefully the next time you hear from me, I’ll have ridden a million miles of trail on the Blue Bombshell and I’ll be oozing with optimistic commentary on how great life is. Till then, keep the rubber side down and enjoy your adventures – whatever they may be.

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4 Responses to “The Pitter-Patter of Love & Memories that Were and Will Be and other Rambling Rants”

  1. I should say it is definitely broken and may never heal properly….It really pointless to have a bike like that just sitting around…perhaps it would like the trails of nor-cal??? I mean if it is just sitting all sad and not being ridden!

    Just jealous, that things looks super sweet! Hope you feel better.

    Any chance of stopping by our neighborhood this spring? Love to take you on a neat 17 miles of epic mixed terrain no too far from here.


    That's Dr Magee to you

  2. Oh my! Yes, I should lend it out while I’m healing up…I’m sure it would love the trails of nor-cal. You want to come up and get it? You should bring a bike with you so we can go ride. Wait… now I’m confused. Must be the broken hand.

    I’m really trying to make a plan for spring. There’s always a chance I’ll be down in your neck of the woods but things in life have a funny way going haywire. At the moment, I can honestly say I have no idea what’s happening in the spring but 17 miles of epic sounds, well, epic. You let me know when it’s good to go and I’ll get myself there.

    I miss you guys!



  3. Hey Merc can I point out that I was the pool shark and won that dollar for us and you were getting us free drinks and trying to be a pool shark :) LOL GOOD TIMES


    Jennifer Smith

  4. Jen, you are so right… you were on fire but somehow I ended up with the dollar. Next time we do that I promise I’ll be more help.



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