25 Mar 2011

Dirty Di2

Posted by mercieb

Speaking of XTR, here’s a little sneak peek of what’s being affectionately referred to as “Dirty Di2.” This is the MODUS Demo Team Project 1… new 10 speed XTR retrofitted with Di2 (electronic shifting Dura-Ace).

“My friends at AceCo Sport Group have been busy, they have repackaged and spliced buttons and wires, built a rear der. cage to accommodate off road requirements and 36 tooth cogs. 1st impression is incredible. Flawless shifting front and rear, consistent and quiet, quick and dirty. Bike will be at Sea Otter, check it out there.” – AG

Really, what can you say? Bike people like to tinker with stuff. This is some major tinkering.

MODUS Demo Team Project 1

From concept to CNC milling to trail in 5 hours

mtb tubulars

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8 Responses to “Dirty Di2”

  1. Interesting – as is the MTB tubular tires – wouldn’t tubeless get you similar results?


    Dan O

  2. Dan, I’ve never ridden MTB tubulars… but I would imagine it’s all about ride quality. I suppose it falls under the “if you can, then why not?” category. Like the goodness of bacon wrapped bacon, the tubulars enhance the franken-cool of Di2 being in the dirt.



  3. I’ve never ridden MTB tubulars, or even road tubulars – and I’m old. Been riding since the toe strap days and everywhere was uphill – even the downhills. In the rain. With no helmets.

    Imagine tubulars – MTB or road – constructed entirely out of bacon. Now that would be cool. Plus, once they flatted – instant snack!

    I’ll get Clif Bar and Vittoria on the phone…


    Dan O

  4. Dude…I am sure the early versions will have their problems, but I would like to give that a try! Even when they are brand new, cables suck.


    That's Dr Magee to you

  5. Dr. Magee, I’ll let you know if there are any problems with the 1.0 version… Just informed my people yesterday we need to set up a small bike for my own independent testing. We’ll see how it goes.



  6. The only downside I can think of to having tires constructed entirely out of bacon is the pack of dogs following you around… might get a little sketchy when you do flat



  7. The dogs can be a nuisance, though I’ve thwarted their attacks by offering a section of the 700c bacon goodness.

    If that doesn’t work, I rely on the full sized, old school frame pump. Ever try stopping a charging Rottweiler with a CO2 cartridge? It’s not pretty.

    Another reason why old school rules.


    Dan O

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