22 Oct 2012


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JUST IN —- FROM LAST YEAR… HA! (suppose I should update this thing more often)

Ok, ok, it’s been a while… How have you all been? Summer good? Fall good? Good rides? Great adventure? I sure hope so.

As for me, it’s been a busy summer and suddenly it’s fall here in the northwest… sigh. Not that I can complain. Taking a moment to look back in my calendar, it seems my spring and summer spent running around the west would look something like splatter-art if it were documented on a map.

Fortunately for me, the sun followed me around – mostly. Early spring was a mess of snow and storms in MT & ID but after that the sun was with me the whole way. There were 4 trips to N. CA, 2 trips to HI, and various work things in Vail, Sun Valley and Vegas. I managed to sneak in a few days of flying through the air on the big bike in Whistler and somehow lived through a bike race in Idaho. Hawaii was, well, tropical both times (imagine that) and CA was just good not-so-clean fun. Vail, as always, was outstanding. So yes, no complaining on my part.

The time I did spend here at home, it was dry, warm and amazing. I’m told we had only 3 weeks of summer this year. Now it’s in the 40′s at night and after coming back from Kona last week, I’m just downright cold. Tan and cold. Weird. The leaves are turning colors and my favorite trails are getting some snow. I am so not ready for it.

Aside from the weather and travel, I had the distinct pleasure of having house guests from all over sprinkled into the mix of comings and goings. That was good fun. Crazy but good.

I think I’d promised to write an update on the Super D race at MTB Nats in Sun Valley. They should call it “Super Fun!” Lift-assisted XC racing totally kicks ass and considering I’d never raced one before, I’m very pleased with my 6th place finish. However, being 7 seconds off the podium was slightly disappointing and anyone who knows me knows I’m competitive to the core so I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t giving myself a hard time about those 7 seconds. Not that there’s time but I really enjoy racing. I should probably do more of it.

What else?

I hear there’s protest happening all over the country (and now the world) started by Adbusters, which cracks me up because they are based out of Canada. The US political rhetoric is laughable at best. Commentators on Fox “news” can only seem to say, “We don’t get it! What is going on and what do these people want?” Hmmm… Right. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

It’s ‘cross season, which means the cold, wet, muck and misery are just around the corner. In my opinion ‘cross starts way too early around here but then again Ma Nature has a way of never doing the same thing twice in a row so it seems like it doesn’t really matter when ‘cross starts. It’s still funny to me that ‘cross season started during our “3 week summer.” Typical, but what do I care? I don’t race (suffer) the ‘cross. Usually, I work/spectate these events which is just fine by me. It still equates to wet and cold. I think there may be nothing worse than being covered in mud in 30 degree weather and being expected to get off your bike and run with it – except for maybe having ants in your pants.

Speaking of ants in your pants and cross, the Single Speed CX World Championships is upon us once again. This year the hosting city is San Francisco and I, for one, am eager to see what sort of party, ummmm, race they put on. If you’ve never had the pleasure of attending this event and you are anywhere near the Bay Area, I highly recommend this absolute spectacle of mayhem and bike craziness that’s sure to leave you hungover within an inch of your life and asking for more.

Past events and courses have featured a Holland-style windmill sure to take your head off if not timed correctly, a giant wall of bubbles, a bacon hand-up and a stripper bus short-cut. Bring your favorite Mexican wrestling mask (or any other costume that makes you giggle), a bike with one gear and get ready to have the time of your life. Leave your good-girl at home and be prepared to wonder what happened when it’s all over. You and Golden Gate Park are sure never be the same after this.

Now that you’re all wiggly from the thought of having ants in your pants, I bid you farewell and promise, (one I never keep so don’t bother holding your breath), not to be so delinquent in my updates.

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One Response to “Hoopla!”

  1. Hey – your blog awakes after the long slumber…

    Congrats on the 6th place Super D finish. 7 seconds from the podium? Ouch. There would be some agonizing over that. Lucky for me, the occasional world’s slowest racer, I never find myself in such situations. I’m usually a few time zones off the podium.

    Our 3 weeks of summer was actually a bit longer then usual. Incredible streak of insanely nice weather. Now the switch has been thrown, officially dumping us into fall – 42 degrees and rain. Joy.

    Fall does mean ‘cross though – which is cool. I’ve discovered photographing ‘cross is much less painful then actually racing ‘cross. You can even wear boots and a warm jacket, no dumping slightly above freezing water from Sidi shoes required.

    Don’t wait so long between posts. You’re pretty good at the writing stuff…


    Dan O

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