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A little about me… I like bikes a lot. They make me very happy. I’ve ridden all over this grand land we call North America (including Alaska and Canada). About 11,000 miles between 2 trips. But I am a mountain biker at heart. Give me some good single track and I’ll be happy. Faster, the better.

I don’t have a manifesto or too many words to live by. I think you can be perfectly happy with a bike that rolls when you want it to and stops when you need it to. Pretty simple, really.

The MercieB is a 15ft wooden sail boat hand-built by my Uncle Gary in the early 80′s. My dad had it for a long time and just recently took it on a road trip to my mom’s house in S. Oregon. She, the boat, now resides there. The MercieB is truly a one-of-a-kind piece and I’m happy someone in the family was able to hang onto it. My dad named her after me.